Ashwairya is an investment fund for accredited investors to make six times S&P 500 returns at minimal risk per investment. Our proprietary mathematical model invests in the global financial markets by scanning for the fastest trend, noticing the lowest risk entry point in the trend, and exiting before trend reverses for maximum profitability. This enables 1% profit per day in the futures market and 40% profit per quarter in the equities market. Our technology is scalable upto $500 billion.



Product Demo

While competitive funds average 10% returns a year, our product demonstration exhibits how ACM makes 11% profit in an hour.



Portfolio growth
Growth of test portfolio (live market conditions, simulated capital) starting with $10,000 and risking 2% capital per trade.
Scatter plot
Our trading strategy is profitable across market conditions – bearish/bullish conditions and narrow/wide range days.
World Championship of Trading
The portfolio growth in the first four months of the year would be about 4x the average amount needed to win the annual World Championship of Trading.



Auction Imbalance Model (AIM) ©

Ashwairya’s proprietary Auction Imbalance Model (AIM) uses artificial intelligence, fractal mathematics, and molecular dynamics to identify the precursors in the market before the beginning and end of a trend which are used to compute the entry price for the lowest risk and the exit price for the maximum profitability.

The program scans the stock universe to identify an established trend (bullish or bearish) and then identifies the lowest risk entry point in the trend. By trading in congruence with the trend, our trade recommendations have a very high probability of being profitable.




























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